For Emergencies: +793 00720 003
24/7 Customer Support
We provide proper guidance and assistance to customers by handling their grievances, offering suggestions and up to date information about the products.
Production Warehouse
We enable systematic maintenance of products and proper ordering and packaging of medicines. The products manufactured are never compromised in terms of quality of use.
Network of offices around the globe
AK Krishna Pharma is a top ranking leading pharmaceutical company which has its branches segmented in all the countries of the globe.
Professional team of doctors and experts
We are a community of highly reputed doctors and employees working with us to check the quality standards and to research and develop new medicines in the market.

About Us

AK Krishna Pharma is a non-governmental medical firm which is headquartered in New Delhi. The purpose of this company is to proffer reliable and guaranteed medicinal products in the shortest duration of time at your door step. It is regarded as one-time solution to all the minor diseases and sickness and is a reliable trusted brand in the field of Pharmacy.

The key areas of success are:

1. Its hardworking team of professional and workforce who are continuously working towards the branding and quality control sector in order to ensure efficiency in performance.
2. The speedy delivery of products in the most convenient manner.
3. The medicines and services enabled by AK Krishna Pharma is highly recommended by specialists as it has cured a number of patients in a shorter duration of time.


Ak Krishna Pharma believes in efficiency, innovation, and simplicity to achieve heights. We provide quality niche generics at affordable prices. Our company seeks to achieve high standards of perfection by offering a huge variety of products in the form of medicines, drugs and medical formulas. The major objectives of our firm is to maintain integrity and harmony, determination to arrive at high end goals, passionate to our commitments and transparency in operations. We have a network of highly reputed manufactures andtarget patients who completely rely on our service and have faith in our products which has resulted in an increase in the levels of goodwill and brand loyalty. In order to diversify and expand the scope of AK Krishna Pharma, the specialists are working towards improving the quality standards, establishing new branches, enhancing the customer satisfaction and experience in purchasing, monitoring the quality control, and revolutionary approach of individual client handling in the firm.


We also manufacture our own products


We are interested in creating long-term partnerships in different countries. If you are interested in the products we supply, contact us.